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Open Mic Series: the brewing of the idea


We're two YNGers interested and involved in angel investing and different startup ecosystems. One night over beer(s) we envisioned a community of YNGers interested in starting or increasing their angel investing activity. We're all connected to a ton of interesting startups, we all want to be responsible, helpful, and impactful angel investors, and we all recognize the awesome network that exists through YNG and YPO-WPO to advance ourselves and help others. With that, we're beginning to test the waters for some programming and opportunities we plan to build + launch in the coming months.

Idea - To provide opportunities for YNG members to participate in a network of like-minded members in the venture/investments/startups space

Goal - To establish a collaborative platform that includes member-only forums, access to proprietary educational materials and events, and opportunity to engage in actual investing syndicates


Faisal + Alex
YNG NYC (and Amman, London, wherever else we happen to be...)